2016 A happy new year, greeting from Saijo

A happy new year,  gratitude for your kindness in 2015 or previous year. I hope your happiness and health in 2016.
In 2015, saiseikai said hospital cardiovascular center (SSCVC) treated only total 140 PCI, PPI, PMI, ABL and other interventions. This means the first time of decreasing the number of interventions. I'm sad but it's happy to patients who're treated in Saiseikai saijo hospital
The doctors treated  Diabetes, Hemodialysis and orthopedics introduced the patients who should be checked coronary artery, peripheral artery disease  and arrhythmia for 4 years. The Sonographers and Radiological technicians treated over 5000 and 500 examinations for each only cardiovascular fields. Nurses had been changed in clinic and cardiovascular  labs. they made effort to treat especially  emergency patients. MSW made effort to connect to the  government, clinics and hospitals getting for best 'Life' for the patients and the families. Many doctors supported our catheter labs, congress presentations and operations. Thank you again so much.
I would be grateful for your support again this year.

Door to Catheter-labs time (average)  was the fastest in Ehime prefecture.
There're no cardiac death, major amputation or emergency events in 2015. 
Total 26 conference presentation, invited lectures, operations in 2015.
The START Live and Meeting hold for 5 times joined total over 500 staffs in 2015

What can we do the next? To treat more patients?? To make more presentations???
The answer is  'No.' I'll continue to treat the patients who came to me, learning with our staffs and innovate Saijo's health promotions. I should be honesty and steady for myself.

from Iwaoka shrine